Grand Chapter of Arizona

Order of the Eastern Star

Eastern Star Training Awards for Religious Leadership
Grand Chapter of Arizona, Order of Eastern Star
Mail Application to:
Office of Grand Chapter – Secretary
4600 N. 24th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85016-5204


(ESTARL forms dated 2012 are most current revisions)



1. Applicant must be a United States citizen, preferably a resident of Arizona, and must be in actual attendance
and regularly enrolled student at an accredited institution of higher learning.
2. Applicant must be a member of a Church or Jewish faith, and have declared his/her intention to devote
his/her life to full time religious service in one of the following categories: Minister, Missionary,
Director of Church Music, Director of Religious Education, or Counselor of Youth Leadership.
3. Applicant must have completed at least two full years of college, and pursued a course designed to qualify
him/her for one of the professions listed above.
4. Applicant must submit completed Application Form, accompanied by a photograph, and a personal letter
stating aim in life, desire for embarking on a career of religious work, and reason for financial assistance.
5. Applicant must submit a current transcript. Consideration for award can be affected by G.P.A. (prefer 3.0 or
higher), and by courses taken specific to field of study, if for ‘Credit only’ or for Grade (75% minimum).
6. Applicant must be recommended by an Arizona Eastern Star Chapter, verified by Recommendation Form. It
is not necessary to be a member, or relative of a member, of this Order or any other Masonic group.
7. Applicant must furnish letter of recommendation from the pastor, or other religious leader, of the Church of
which he/she is a member. This letter should also verify need for financial assistance.
8. Applicant must sign an agreement stating that if, after having been granted an ESTARL award, he/she does
not become actively engaged in said vocation, within a period of two years following completion of the
required course of study, that the money so awarded shall be considered a loan, and shall be paid back to the
Order of the Eastern Star, Grand Chapter of Arizona. Applicant must keep the committee informed during this
time period.
*** All completed application forms, including personal letter, transcripts, letters of recommendation, etc,
must be on file with the ESTARL Committee by the required dates of June 1st or December 1st.
*****Download application: . Revised: April 2012