Arizona Grand Chapter

Order of the Eastern Star


Eligibility to Elective Office, Elective Board or Elective Standing Committee shall be as stated in Article 10 of the Constitution.  Eligible members desiring to be nominated for the following positions may submit a “Letter of Intent” to the Grand Secretary, by April 1, 2011.

Grand Secretary


Grand Treasurer


Associate Grand Conductress


Grand Sentinel


Grand Trustee (1 Past Grand Patron) 3 years

Arizona Eastern Star Retirement Center Board of Directors (1 Past Matron, 3 years), (1 Past Matron, 3 years), (1 Past Patron, 3 years)

Eastern Star Scholarship Committee (1Past Matron, 3 years)

ESTARL Committee (1 Past Matron, 3 years, 1 Past Patron, 3 years)

Rob Morris Assistance Committee (1 Past Matron, 3 years, 1 Past Patron, 3 years

The candidate shall send one copy of  the “Letter of Intent” form to the Grand Secretary to be received by April 1.  The Grand Secretary will send a copy to all Chapters by May 1.  All applicant names will be made available to the voting delegates at the registration desk at Grand Chapter.

Diana Houlette, PGM

Grand Secretary

4600 N 24th Street

Phoenix, AZ  85016

Letter of Intent

You can also find these guidelines in the OES Forms tab.