Arizona Grand Chapter

Order of the Eastern Star

Queen Esther #22, Phoenix

Lodge Address: 345 W. Monroe St., Phoenix

Mailing Address: 6337 N. 16th Dr., Phoenix, AZ 85015-2019

Phone: Day 602-258-5466; Night 602-647-2941

Stated Meetings: First & Third Thursdays

Dark: 3rd Thursday in June, all of July and August



Elected and Appointed Officers 2017-2018
Worthy Matron - Donna DiCola, PM
Worthy Patron - Tony DiCola, PP
Associate Matron - Alicia Dela Cruz
Associate Patron - Rady Dela Cruz
Secretary - Linda Beck, PM - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Treasurer - Ken DuBois, PGP
Conductress - Susann Holland
Associate Conductress - Kay Akers, PM
Chaplain - Dale Rose, PP
Marshal - Debbie Rose, PM
Organist  - Mary Beth Bernhardt
Adah - Susan Warren, PM
Ruth - Pam Wade, PM
Esther - Linda Desenberg, PM
Martha - Carol Du Bois, PM
Electa - Callie Miller, PM
Warder - Henry Desenberg, PP
Sentinel - Jack Wade, PGP