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Letter of Intent to seek office

Be sure to review all instructions and follow them to the best of your ability. Thank you

Grand Chapter of Arizona

Order of the Eastern Star

2723 W Northern Avenue

Phoenix, Arizona 85051-6624

Phone: 602-954-9413

Diana Houlette, PGM

Grand Secretary

January 19, 2017





It is recommended that all members seeking an elective office in the Grand Chapter submit a Letter of Intent. It must be one page only, one side only or it will not be accepted. Please check the Blue Book first for eligibility requirements and for the duties pertaining to the office or position you are seeking. If possible, consider speaking to someone who has in the past or presently holds a like position. There may be added duties that are not covered in the Blue Book. You should be certain that the required time commitment does not exceed your available time. You should also consider if any specific skills are required for the office or position.


The office of Grand Secretary not only requires experience with office equipment, but you must also be computer literate.

The office of Grand Treasurer requires that you be computer literate and have a general knowledge of finances.

All the elective offices or positions in our Grand Chapter are important to our Order. To be an effective officer or member, you need to possess the proper skills and be willing to devote whatever amount of time and effort it takes to get the job done.


Those who submit Letters of Intent are recognized as serious candidates by the voting delegates.

Remember always! You are running for the office or position, not against any specific Sister or Brother. If you are not successful, be gracious, congratulate the winner, then submit your Letter of Intent the following year and try again. If you are unsuccessful and seek a different office or position during Grand Chapter, be certain you qualify and have the available time. The duties and requirements may vary for each office or position.




This form is a PDF document. Remember it must be one page only, one side only or it will not be accepted.

Form will open with a black box showing. Boxes will expand as you type. Type required information in the box. Tab to the next section.

Proficiency boxes: click appropriate box(s) with mouse.


When finished, print form, sign, and mail to the Grand Secretary by April 1. If the Letter of

Intent is sent electronically, the original is to immediately follow.



Grand Secretary

Grand Secretary


PO Box 27967 

Tempe, AZ 85285 


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