Details for 2017-2018 New Applicant Scholarship Application

Name:2017-2018 New Applicant Scholarship Application

Dear Scholarship Applicant



This is the word version of the current application for applying for an Arizona Eastern Star Scholarship.


The current scholarship committee is listed below, and any one of these Eastern Star members is more than willing to answer any questions regarding the application process and requirements. Please do not hesistate to contact any one of these committee members.





Jim Hurd, Chairman                                                    Amy Pate, Secretary

480-242-4567                                                             602-284-8501                                            


Terry Loll, Member                                                     Linda Beck, Member

928-754-7825                                                             602-277-8082                                        


Patricia Miller



Send application to:


Amy Pate

Arizona OES Scholarship Committee

7504 S. 13th Place

Phoenix, AZ 85042




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