Details for 2017-2018 Renewal Scholarship Application

2017-2018 Renewal Scholarship Application
Name:2017-2018 Renewal Scholarship Application

Scholarship Application Must be Received by June 15th or December 1st

(Sign and attach as first page of your application packet.)

- Cumulative Grand Point Average of not less than 2.5 (3.0 for graduate students)

- Completed 12 hours of credit with passing grades last semester (9 for graduate students)

- PLEASE NOTE: Computer-generated transcripts will be accepted at the time of mailing this application. The computer-  generated transcript from the school MUST be sent as soon as this semester’s current grades are posted and before scholarship checks are mailed.

-or attach a current un-official transcript that includes the current semester courses and grades. 



Mail or email to:

Amy Pate, Secretary

Arizona OES Scholarship Committee

7504 S. 13th Place

Phoenix, AZ 85042

602-284-8501 (Subject line: OES)



You may contact any other member of the committee with questions

Jim Hurd, Chairman                Amy Pate, Secretary                Patricia Miller

480-242-4567                         602-284-8501                         480-730-9980                

Terry Loll, Member                 Linda Beck, Member

928-754-7825                         602-277-8082  




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