Arizona Grand Chapter

Order of the Eastern Star

Elected and Appointed Officers 2017-2018
Worthy Matron - Daina Montgomery, PM
Worthy Patron - Craig Montgomery, PP
Associate Matron - Ruth Emanuel, PM
Associate Patron - George Watling, PP
Treasurer - Ardath Wilbur, PM
Conductress - Sandy Greeneltch, PM
Associate Conductress - Mary Hayes
Chaplain - Marjorie Barton, PM
Marshal - Ed Tannheimer
Organist - Robin Sparks, PM (pro-tem) 
Adah - Gloria Oetting
Ruth - Catherine Hosfield, PM
Esther -    Lynda D Christopher, PM
Martha - Carol Shea
Electa - Ula Miller
Warder - Lillian Ryan, PM
Sentinel - John Bennet, PP